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Birthdays At Iguana Mia 2023   

Si, at Iguana Mia you will still be treated to a FREE FRIED ICE CREAM as Juan & the Iguana's treat.    Gracias

Please bring a camera or provide your mobile device for photography.  **NO SOMBREROS WILL BE PROVIDED UNTIL COVID-19 CONCERNS ARE MINIMIZED**


Dine in only, on your actual birth date, can not be used in conjunction with discounts or other promotions. Juan & his Iguana can never harmonize, so our singing a Birthday song is not included- that is why you bring family or friends - oh and try to get them to pay the bill!

 **Photography and the photograhic taking of Birthday pictures is not guaranteed because sometimes iguanas and technology don't mix. Please bring your own camera or picture taking mobile device! ** WE do not have cameras!

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