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Birthdays At Iguana Mia 2023   

Si, at Iguana Mia you will still be treated to a FREE FRIED ICE CREAM as Juan & the Iguana's treat.  However,  we will not be able to offer the past Birthday Benefits to our Loyalty members who have an Iguana Mia Store Card in their posession. Our Loyalty program has been ended but will be reinvented using a new 3rd party program Administrator to manage the process and guests benefits.  Our current Administrating service failed to maintain the benefits originally promised for use by our guests.  Please redeem remaining credit on you Loyalty Store or Gift Card as soon as possible.  Gracias

Please bring a camera or provide your mobile device for photography.  **NO SOMBREROS WILL BE PROVIDED UNTIL COVID-19 CONCERNS ARE MINIMIZED**


No sharing. Dine in only, on your actual birth date, can not be used in conjunction with discounts or other promotions. Remember to tip your staff based on the Check total minus sales tax.  Juan & his Iguana can never harmonize, so our Birthday deal does not include our singing a Birthday song - that is why you bring family or friends - oh and try to get them to pay the bill!

 **Photography and the photograhic taking of Birthday pictures is not guaranteed because sometimes iguanas and technology don't mix. Please bring your own camera or picture taking mobile device! ** WE do not have cameras!

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