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Birthdays At Iguana Mia  ** Suspended for COVID until 2021**

Si, at Iguana Mia your Birthday is Free** - ah, that is if you come in on your actual birth date, provide proof (Official State photo I.D. or Birth certificate and I.D.) and we will buy you any regular entrée on our menu up to an $18 value, plus throw in a FREE fried ice cream. We will be happy to take a PICTURE of YOU looking muy stupido in a cheap campy sombrero in commemoración of this special occasion! Please bring a camera or provide your mobile device for photography.

**Beverages, Sales Tax and singing of a Birthday song are the Customers Responsibility.


Must be seated between the hours of 2pm and 6pm for best seating availability. Seatings beyond or outside these hours will be honored, but seating for large groups or parties may not be available. No sharing. Dine in only, on your actual birth date, can not be used in conjunction with discounts or other promotions by any other party or persons sitting with you or even next to your table no matter how big or how many checks there are in your group.   Remember to tip your staff based on the amount before the discount or this long time tradition made fade away into the past! Juan & his Iguana can never harmonize, so our Birthday deal does not include our singing a Birthday song - that is why you bring family or friends - oh and try to get them to pay the bill!

Our offer is still the only Birthday Offer of its kind in SW Florida; however, a few people will try to change the Offer in their favor even more and or want to argue with our staff - you are ruining the deal for those who abide by the terms and conditions of the promotion, please go celebrate your Birthday somewhere else. **Photography and the photograhic taking of of Birthday pictures is not guaranteed because sometimes iguanas and technology don't mix. Please bring your own camera or picture taking mobile device! ** WE do not have cameras!

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